FRUIT FLY, now available on Comcast Video On-Demand and Amazon Video On-Demand! (Also on DVD and iTunes)

“FRUIT FLY['s] deceptively casual mash-up and embrace of ethnic and sexual identity politics is nuanced enough to fuel a masters’ thesis. It’s also textbook guerrilla filmmaking, a loud-and-proud, indie-Asian/gay hijacking of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg that turns the Mission, the Castro and more into an all-singing, all-dancing whirl.” – Jason Sanders, Filmmaker Magazine

Holy crap! From December 1, 2010 to January 3, 2011, Fruit Fly will be available through Comcast On-Demand!

Comcast customers can click on the “On Demand” button, and then look under the “Movies” folder. In this will be a “Movie Collections” folder and inside of this viewers will find “Cinema Asian America” and will be able to watch Fruit Fly.

It will be screening for the whole month as part of Cinema Asian America, a Comcast destination dedicated to Asian-American content. I’m proud to be screened with a bunch of film festival favorites including Saving Face, White on Rice, Treeless Mountain, and Planet B-Boy!

Fruit Fly can also be seen on DVD, iTunes and Apple TV as well as Amazon Watch-it-Now. Netflix, however, won’t take it unless “enough” people “Save” it to their queue, so if you want to watch it on Netflix, go to your Netflix queue and Save it! (UPDATE: Since this posting, Netflix has taken Fruit Fly and is now available through their DVD service! Thank you, all, for helping out!)

FRUIT FLY on DVD (with 5.1 soundtrack, commentary and “Textbook Guerilla” featurette!)
FRUIT FLY on Amazon Watch it Now
FRUIT FLY on iTunes HD and Apple TV (Dolby Digital 5.1)

Here’s a short preview of Cinema Asian America:

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