FRUIT FLY – The Obnoxious Blast

Ok, so I generally only post my obnoxious blasts to the Fruit Fly facebook page:

BUT, I figured that since this is going to be my most informative yet (and one of the last Fruit Fly blasts I’ll ever do), I might as well do it in the form of a note that I can post to my normal feed.

I think people misunderstand how the whole micro-budget filmmaking thing works. Just because it plays in a festival doesn’t mean that it’s done. Most of the filmmakers I know spend at LEAST two years on their films. Since we premiered at the Castro in March of 2009, there has been a lot of work to do. It’s been to over 30 festivals since, and a lot of polishing, re-editing and remixing has been happening. Hell, a live performance even happened during a special screening in Austin! But it was still just a teeny-tiny film that I toted along with me as carry-on luggage from plane to plane, with no real representation or distribution. The Center for Asian American Media, who produced Fruit Fly, has been waiting for someone to distribute the film, legitimately.

Now, it finally comes to a close, with TLA Releasing distributing the film to theaters for a limited release as well as to home video (DVD, streaming HD ala Netflix, iTunes, etc.) and PBS having all television rights. Fruit Fly is now done. With a nice and subtle overhaul, Fruit Fly is now 93 minutes long with a bunch of new takes, edits, shots, refined animation, and a sparkling new Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack!

Fruit Fly has a limited engagement at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco on August 11th and 12th while it also opens at the Quad Cinema in New York on September 24th. I intend to be there for both, and I’m waiting to hear from the cast and crew to see who’ll be with me.

(Is “who’ll” even a word? “HOOL”?)

You can visit the Fruit Fly website, here, at

And you can see the new Fruit Fly TLA trailer, here, where people are engaging in comment wars regarding what makes a good trailer and what doesn’t. :)

I have quite a bit of work to do until it finishes its theatrical run, and a little more leading up to the video release. But after that, I’ll be happy (and a little sad) to say that I’m done with Fruit Fly and will be moving on to the next film(s).

Thank you to everyone who’s been patient with me over the past two years. I’ve tried my best to not be that guy that’s always going on about his film (“Fruit Fly, this and Fruit Fly, that!”) but it’s hard when you’re just trying to get the damn film seen. Now, thanks to Center for Asian American Media and TLA Releasing, the damn thing will.


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